Raven 3800 Series

The rugged Raven Mixer Drive is a high-quality performer built for virtually any application, from critical to routine. This superior mixer drive withstands high temperatures, harsh conditions and fluctuating loads. Developed to handle even the most rigorous processes, the Raven mixer drive incorporates the latest design advantages and improvements to ensure proper results for all your mixing operations. The Raven Mixer Drive is built to withstand high loads and harsh environments and provide long, reliable and trouble-free service.

We offer the Raven 3800 in multiple configurations to meet the demands of your process. One of the benefits of working with Philadelphia Mixing Solutions is that, with more than 60 years of experience serving customers in a range of industries, we have the engineering expertise necessary to match you with the best mixer for your application. Our team can provide detailed analysis, diagnosis and output modeling to ensure your purchase delivers superior blending at a low cost of ownership.



The Raven 3800 is suitable for use in most top-entry mixing tasks. Capable of handling some of the most demanding industrial mixing jobs, it’s an ideal choice for solid suspension, gas dispersion and liquid-liquid dispersion, where it will deliver improved heat transfer, mass transfer and blending — critical priorities for maintaining efficiency and quality control in the chemical process industry.

Other applications include water and wastewater treatment — with a high torque/low horsepower design, the Raven 3800 can maximize flow rates while reducing energy usage, whether it’s being used for flash mixing, flocculation, lime softening, surface aeration or related processes.

Additional Features

    • PINIONS AND GEARS: Carburized and ground helical gears provide quiet operation with many years of service life
    • PILOTED C-FACE MOTOR MOUNT DESIGN: Eliminates foot mounted alignment issues that could lead to premature failure
    • SELF-LUBRICATING AT THEORETICAL ZERO RPM: Dip lubrication eliminates the need for external lubrication kits when variable speed drives are used for low impeller speed operation.
    • END COVER: Designed to eliminate leak paths and minimize motor vibrations
    • TAPERED ROLLER BEARINGS THROUGHOUT GEARBOXES: Precision tapered roller bearings handle high shock and large overhung loads
    • MIXER HOUSING: Inspection windows allow convenient internal inspection without removing the motor or end plate.
  • EXTRA GUSSETING: Provides rigidity to handle loads exerted on the housing by the mixing and agitation forces, leading to longer bearing and gear life
  • DRYWELL DESIGNS: Eliminate oil leaks from the output shaft.
  • GUARDIAN PACKAGE OPTION: Provides simple, fast, accurate oil sampling


A wide range of available impellers will allow you to configure the performance of our top entry mixer drives to any application or process.

  • Low Solidity Axial Flow Hydrofoil (LSV)
  • Low Solidity Axial Flow Hydrofoil (MHE)
  • High Solidity Axial Flow Hydrofoil (MHS)
  • Rushton (RT) Radial Flow Disk Blade Turbine
  • Smith Turbine (ST) Radial Flow Disk Blade Turbine
  • Gas Foil (GDX) Radial Flow Impeller
  • Super Low Shear Sentinel Radial Flow Impeller (SLS)
  • Vertical Flat Blade Turbine (VFBT) Radial Flow Impeller
  • Curved Blade Radial Flow Turbine (CBT)
  • Pitched Blade Radial Flow Turbine (PBT)
  • Counterflow
  • Surface Aerator
  • Anti-ragging Gdx – Submerged Turbine Aerator
  • Anti-ragging Anoxic (ARI-2)

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