Vacuum Separators

Vacuum system collectors and separators are available in many types and sizes. They can be customized to suit specific application conditions and your recovery or disposal needs. There are standard and high-efficiency cyclone centrifugals, stationary and mobile liquid separators, even special units for flammables and other sensitive materials. Separators may be equipped with filter bags, cartridge filters or jet-pulse; filter cleaning can be manual or automatic as desired.


Centrifugal Designs
Spencer’s centrifugal separators usually provide primary separation before a filtration separator. They are typically equipped with a removable dirt can or hopper bottom for disposal of collected material. High-efficiency separators use a cyclone action for greater dirt removal or pneumatic conveying. Other designs include drum-top preseparators and various liquid separators for use in wet vacuum systems or in dry systems where they intercept liquids to avoid system contamination.

Filtration Designs
Spencer can supply filtration systems with the right capacity and efficiency, using effective techniques such as two-stage separation. A tubular filter bag separator downstream from a centrifugal type traps over 99% of the remaining solids, even with difficult powdered materials. Our Jet-Clean® design adds pulse-type filter cleaning, which can be used with filter bags or cartridges. The automated, sequential cleaning allows the separator to operate continuously.

Special Designs
Creating special designs can be as simple as changing the separator height to fit under factory mezzanines or adding an oversize trapdoor to discharge bulky materials, on up to highly engineered designs for unique challenges. For example, Spencer offers immersion separators with water filtration chambers to handle sensitive flammable materials or Bag-In/Bag-Out separators for hands-off filter changes when collecting toxic materials such as arsenic powder.

Options & Accessories
Dozens of special separator components and accessories are available for specific functions, safety precautions or operating convenience. For example, discharge valves can be selected for continuous or post-shutdown emptying of collected materials. There are explosion relief ports, motorized filter bag shakers, vacuum gauges, debridgers, sprinkler head connectors, grounding systems, support frames and special fittings – everything it takes to provide your definition of convenience.

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