Vortex® Regenerative Blowers

Vortex single stage regenerative (side channel) blowers are compact units that are well-suited for in-plant use and for air handling in OEM equipment. They deliver clean, oil-free air without pulsations. Many options are available: TEFC or explosion-proof motors; one-phase or three-phase power; 50 or 60 Hz operation. Maximum performance characteristics: 645 icfm (1096 m3/hr volume, 3.9 psi (27 kPa) pressure and 7.6″ Hg vacuum.


Vortex® regenerative (side channel) blowers are manufactured in the United States by Spencer using U.S-made components. They are produced in Spencer’s 200,000 sq. ft. headquarters in Windsor, Connecticut and stocked here, ready for immediate shipment. Spencer has direct sales offices, manufacturers’ representatives and stocking distributors across North America. They are supplemented by independent representatives in many countries internationally.

Versatile Standard Vortex Features

To adapt Spencer Vortex® blowers for specific applications, often all you need is the flexibility built into the standard product line. For example, Spencer has invented and patented a unique inlet/discharge flange (U.S. Patent 5,791,870) that is standard equipment on small blowers. This flange can be simply reversed to make either tube stub connections or threaded connections as desired.

Compact, lightweight design

  • Single stage blower with C-faced motor in a small  package
  • Aluminum castings reduce weight

Excellent performance range

  • Volumes to 645 SCFM
  • Vacuum ratings to 104″ H20
  • Pressures to 108″ H20

Long-life reliability

  • Cast aluminum impeller and housing for high strength
  • Simple construction with only five major components–base, housing, impeller, bearings, motor
  • Sealed bearings prevent contamination failure
  • Single annular compression cell prevents heat stress failure
  • Double lip elastomeric shaft seal minimizes leaks
  • Fully retained impeller prevents vane fracture and blower failure
  • Single seal gap reduces tolerance requirement and blower failures during high temperature operation

Oil-free air delivery

  • No hydrocarbon entrainment
  • Suitable for healthcare and scientific applications

Less heat and noise

  • Single-sided impeller with single vortex generates less heat and noise than “paddle wheel” designs
  • Unique annular chamber with smooth laminar airflow lessens noise
  • Aluminum housing offers excellent heat dispersion
  • Built-in silencer

Application flexibility

  • Constant velocity blower has no pulsation or surging
  • All blowers can be run in reverse without loss of performance
  • All TEFC models can operate on 50 Hz without modification

All Vortex Models Offer:

  • Pressure or vacuum use
  • Rotation in either direction without loss of performance (not possible with “paddle wheel” designs)

In addition, these specifications are selectable within the standard product line:

  • Single or three phase power
  • 50 Hz or 60 Hz operation (all TEFC models)
  • TEFC or explosion-proof motor
  • Variety of voltages
  • Airflow to 645 SCFM, vacuum to 104″ H20, pressure to 108″ H20 (photos of custom blowers)


Since 1892, The Spencer Turbine Company has applied a unique Engineering Edge to create innovative solutions for air and gas handling problems. Today, the world faces extreme challenges in the areas of energy and the environment. They call these issues E2 and are addressing them with our own E2 combination of Engineering and Experience.


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